Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

Diatomaceous earth is a natural compound that is made from prehistoric fossils of microscopic algae that once thrived in the ocean over thirty million years ago. It is found in the form of a soft, chalky sedimentary rock called diatomite, which is then ground up to produce a fine white powder that looks and feels like gritty talcum powder.

Since its discovery, results of the scientific studies have shown that diatomaceous earth is actually useful in many different ways. For instance, it is considered to be an excellent filtering substance to remove toxins from drinking water. It can also work effectively as an organic pesticide to kill garden pests simply because the fossilized skeletal remains of the algae are jagged and sharp enough to cause microscopic cuts on the insect’s exoskeletons, causing them to dry out and die. It has effectively wiped out insects such as fleas, lice, mites, bed bugs and garden pests within just a few days. But most importantly, researchers have discovered that diatomaceous earth has many profound effects on human health.

Diatomaceous earth is composed of 15 minerals that have amazing effects on the human body. It consists of 2% iron, 3% magnesium, 5% sodium, 19% calcium, and 33% silicon, as well as manganese, copper, zirconium, boron and titanium. When diatomaceous earth is taken internally, it cleanses the body with its abrasive shells by scrubbing the walls of the intestines to eliminate intestinal worms, parasites, and buildups that hinder the intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients. By cleansing out your digestive system, you will begin to experience regular bowel movements, an increase in energy, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. Toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants in the body are drawn to the diatomaceous earth by an electrical attraction, which are then bound together and flushed out of the body. Diatomaceous earth also has the magic to produce healthier skin, stronger nails, and shinier hair.

Many people who have already added this product to their daily diet are raving with positive reviews about diatomaceous earth. These people have voluntarily posted their testimonials on the Internet to let all of the skeptics know that diatomaceous earth is a natural product that really does have numerous health benefits. Millions of people today have not yet realized the importance of diatomaceous earth and the benefits that it brings to the human body.

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